walk with fire

Soul Search

—Damned to Be

Don’t need your sympathy, I’m comfortable in misery

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The Hotelier

—Your Deep Rest


You said you’re trapped in your body, getting deeper every day. They diagnosed you “born that way.” They say it runs in your family. A constant erasure of a working class background where despair trickles down imbalanced chemical crutch. Open up. Swallow down. You said “remember me for me. I need to set my spirit free.”

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Tigers Jaw

—Slow Come On


Code Orange Kids

—My World

To be conscious and criticize is your animal right.
But to pick apart and pry is to die in my eyes. 
When you live so far from the ground that we are nowhere in sight
how can you be the one to dissect? the one to decide?
I’ve waited at the door
I’ve waited too long
to disconnect from the dream. 
to take your throat and force reality. 
but now you’ve stepped too far. 
now you’ve crossed the line
now you are finally inside…

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 Smile, like it was yesterday.

Make me believe that you’re the same.
Speak, tell me that you’re ok.
I’ll keep biting on my tongue.

I am looking at your face,
As if we never made mistakes.

Breathe, take in everything.
Become a person that I hate.

I am looking at your face,
As if we never even made mistakes.

If I close my eyes, for long enough.
Would I die, or would I just get lost?
You could find me, if you cared enough.
But I’m hoping you don’t.

If I close my eyes for long enough would I die?
I cannot pretend I haven’t tried.
I am hoping that you don’t find me.