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Captain, We're Sinking

—A Bitter Divorce


A Bitter Divorce // Captain, We’re Sinking

"Now Jesus Christ, I’m not what you had in mind. Jesus Christ, don’t cry. I made a list of everything I despise, and I wrote your name down several times. I’m waiting for my whole world to fall apart. I’m waiting for the storm to start. Well I deserve to be happy. Well I am dead again. I am dead again."

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Code Orange Kids

—My World

To be conscious and criticize is your animal right.
But to pick apart and pry is to die in my eyes. 
When you live so far from the ground that we are nowhere in sight
how can you be the one to dissect? the one to decide?
I’ve waited at the door
I’ve waited too long
to disconnect from the dream. 
to take your throat and force reality. 
but now you’ve stepped too far. 
now you’ve crossed the line
now you are finally inside…

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 Smile, like it was yesterday.

Make me believe that you’re the same.
Speak, tell me that you’re ok.
I’ll keep biting on my tongue.

I am looking at your face,
As if we never made mistakes.

Breathe, take in everything.
Become a person that I hate.

I am looking at your face,
As if we never even made mistakes.

If I close my eyes, for long enough.
Would I die, or would I just get lost?
You could find me, if you cared enough.
But I’m hoping you don’t.

If I close my eyes for long enough would I die?
I cannot pretend I haven’t tried.
I am hoping that you don’t find me.

Joyce Manor

—Five Beer Plan

Take a lovers nap,
shut your little trap.
It’s a pleasure cruise
when you’re born to lose.
And if I told you so,
would you act like you know?

And at the driving range,
you shouted “fire away”.
I started feeling strange
thought of taking my life
And then I told you so
I fucking told you so

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State Faults



Incantations // State Faults

I’m painting mountains across timeless passions
I climbed the tops of trees but all I saw in me
Were just cloud mouthed storm fronts clouding crystal visions
A ruined painting disintegrating 
I will never be forgiven for the spiderwebs I’ve woven
When the light goes out is it really the end?
Peel back the scab, let it all breathe in 
Temporary spirit energies dance under our skin
Shivers splinter inside my chest
And spill the bilge flowing in my head
I’m just a ruined painting, I’m just a wish resigned
I’m just a wolf in shepherd’s skin and I’ll eat myself alive


—Final Backward Glance

"I won’t carry you in my heart
you are my heart
my everywhere and everything
the walls I’ll climb and the wars I’ll fight
loved you in the deepest way
became the man who I am today
you made me feel just like a hammer
in a world lined with nails

I’m not walking away from here
with a bunch of things I still need to declare
a wasted life is worse than death
it’s up to you to figure out the rest

this is my final backward glance
I’ve never been much good at saying goodbye


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Dead End Path


I’m not afraid to die 
but I’m scared to death
of all the ones I’ll leave behind
and devotion that I’ve come to find

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Anonymous asked: weren't you guys talking about the copious amounts of weed you smoked in shark though? weed is what you're talking about in the last post right?






Honestly our band has been said to out-smoke any other band. It’s like pretty comical. But I’m the only one that doesn’t.

We’ll challenge that.


Not challenging that it’s been said, but rather challenging the skills. Olympics.

I’ll be the judge of this.